During the rafting on the Dunajec river, you have the opportunity to appreciate one of the most beautiful river gorges, not only in Poland but throughout Europe.

Observing these beautiful surroundings while floating on a wooden raft is a truly unforgettable experience that will stick to your memory. It is a real feast for everyone who loves mountains and nature. We invite you to see it for your self.

For almost 200 years of rafting on traditional wooden rafts on the Dunajec has been one of the main tourist attractions in the Pieniny mountains. Highlanders are real masters of traditional rafting. They were organizing first trips with genuine passion and imagination. The experience was unforgettable, embroidered with a live orchestra and gun shooting. People participated eagerly in this event.

This attraction did not get old at all. To this day, up to 300,000 tourists participate annually. The traditional rafting itself tries to remain faithful to tradition. Wooden rafts and rafter costumes look similar. The Pieniny mountains nature resists time. And only now and then when we take out our smartphone to take a picture or record something, we remember that the time did not stop entirely.

More than 500 raftsmen and 200 wooden rafts allow the tradition to prevail. Each raft consists of five interconnected wooden crafts fastened together, creating a structure over 2 meters wide. Thanks to this, it is stable and not swaying too much. For centuries, the way to handle the wood raft did not change. The rafter, wielding a long oar in his hands, pushes himself away from the bottom, safely guiding the boats along the river. Safety - this is the keyword, after all, you travel on water, in the mountains. But don't worry. Rafters have known their profession literally since childhood. Most of them come from families where wood rafting tradition has been passing from father to son for generations.

In the season, which lasts from April 1 to October 31, they take tourists on bord from Poland and around the world. And everyone agrees - this is a unique journey. Some people never get bored, even if they flow down the Dunajec River each time they visit the mountains. Others will remember the river many years later - white rocks over the heads and the murmur of the river.

Wild nature, rocks towering over the Dunajec River for hundreds and thousands of years, and the river is winding through the Pieniny National Park ... Here you can fully feel the majesty of Nature at your fingertips having one of the most beautiful views in Poland and Europe.

The Dunajec River Gorge itself is the section between Sromowce and Kroscienko. The river there has a low bed, flowing between the rocks towering above it. When you are floating on a raft, you see around you more than three hundred meters of rock walls, majestic, unwavering.

During the flow, the Dunajec winding and floating in bends and turns now and then. Therefore, although the route in a straight line is barely 7km, it gets twice as long along the river. It is also one of the few places in the world where the mountain river does not flow towards the sea but goes back, runs the other way, and only after some time returns to the right course.

We can say without exaggeration that floating on a wooden raft is the only and unique way to look at the majesty of the mountains.

The route is about 15 kilometers. The experience itself lasts about 2.5 - 3 hours, depending on the state and level of water.

The beginning is calm because, behind Sromowce, the Dunajec river flows in a wide, slow riverbed. You can see the surrounding towns, fields, and slopes. The fascinating point is the famous Three Crowns of Pieniny mountains. The photographer has his "standing point" on the shore. You can pick up the photo at the end station, from a much better perspective than even the longest selfie stick will provide.

This part is only a warm-up because soon you will see the Dunajec Gorge. It is the episode when the river encounters a rock obstacle, cuts into it, pushes, breaks to the other side.

When we are entering the gorge, the current immediately becomes lively, accelerates, foams on rocks and spins. The route is three kilometers in a straight line, but following the current of the river, you will do as many as nine. Above your heads, you have rocks, reaching 200 or 300 meters up. The riverbed is narrower. So narrow that in one place, Janosik (a name of a famous highlander) jumped it over. At least rafters tell this story 😉

When you pass Biala Skala, flowing will slowly head towards the finale. It ends at the harbor in Szczawnica, which is an excellent place to start another of the mountain adventures.

To say that we offer you traditional rafting on the Dunajec river is not enough. It is only one of the attractions that we have prepared for you. The adventure can start from it, but it doesn't have to end at all. After all, the mountains offer so many possibilities that it is worth trying them as much as possible.

Traditional rafting on the Dunajec River is a tradition that is almost 200 years old. Tourists love it, and we serve it at its best, focused on comfort, convenience, and the most remarkable memories. Because we know you deserve the best.

Spływ Dunajcem

Service from A to Z and customer approach is what makes us different. We will take you to the place where traditional rafting starts with our transport, straight to the harbor, where wooden rafts will be waiting. Onboard you will sail down the Dunajec Gorge, one of the most beautiful and unique places in Europe. The views you receive are breathtaking, but we know that you want more.

Spływ przełomem Dunajca

Rafting on the Dunajec River, or an inflated boat rafting, is an option for the bravest. Those who are not afraid to get wet and want to try their hand at the river. Rafting is safe even for children, and in such a beautiful area, it makes it even more worth attending.

Rafting po Dunajcu

Bicycles, traditional or electric can wait for you at the end of the route. On them, you will go to the next stage of the adventure to ride your favorite trails on two wheels. Although ... maybe bikes are too quiet for you?

Quads... are powerful and roaring machines that are perfect for mountain conditions. Do you fancy such an adrenaline rush? Sure. After the rafting, we can take you on a trip on quads, with an instructor and a guide.

It is not just a trip for adults! Children can also take part in it - as passengers. What after quads? Take you to the room, or will you end the day at a folk evening? Or around the campfire in a company of highlanders.

We take care of everything. Comprehensively. Safely. With several years of experience.

And you have the opportunity to experience the best and most luxurious rafting down the Dunajec that these mountains saw. And they saw a lot.