Rowerem po podhalu
By Redakcja


Zakopane can captivate you. It makes leaving us usually feel hungry for more, and we are planning another visit. We love the atmosphere of the city and its attractions. Whenever the weather is good, it is worth spending as much time as possible outside to enjoy unimaginably beautiful landscapes. Bike tours are perfect for visiting the Tatra Mountains. Although this activity is associated with enormous effort, we ensure that there are routes that will not be a problem to overcome. Zakopane bikes – type it into Google search bar and you will find a lot of valuable information on the web for both beginners and very experienced cyclists.

Why is it worth trying?

Everyone knows about the beneficial effects of sport on our body and mind. Cycling improves endurance, coordination, allows you to build your muscles and shape your figure, great for cardiovascular health. Mor then that, daily cycling holds your skin oxygenated. It will make it look great for a longer time. Some believe that exercise is a substitute for the best creams that women use so often.

We must not forget that exercise helps to get rid of negative emotions and stress. When we travel across fantastic mountainous areas, we open our eyes towards beautiful views that soothe our mood. We calm down, observe the beauty of nature, and focus on what is happening at the moment. Day to day issues, difficulties, and responsibilities disappear. It’s a great feeling. If you didn’t have a chance to try it, make sure you did!

Bicycle rentals in Zakopane

Of course, it is not always possible to take your bike with you. Bicycle rental Zakopane – there are plenty of offers on the Internet. These companies offer excellent quality bikes and additional accessories as well as interesting routes for beginners and advanced cyclists. Importantly, there is no lack of suggestions for parents traveling with their children who want to go on accessible routes leading through peaceful, scenic surroundings. If we are afraid that we will not be able to overcome mountain areas and uphills due to the lack of physical preparation, we can use bikes equipped with engines. It is worth getting to know how it is to ride an E-Bike.

Rides on two wheels it is an exciting way to get to know the Tatra Mountains and Podhale region. The combination of relaxation and effort is always successful and finds its lovers.