There is no doubt – the city under the Giewont mountain has its charm and a unique atmosphere that attracts crowds. We love to spend time here. Because regardless of the season, we can find something for ourselves and our travel companions, many attractions that will make our rest more enjoyable.

If you are going to visit Zakopane from April to October, do not forget to include the Traditional rafting on a wooden raft into your schedule.

A good portion of relaxation and spectacular views

We sail a wooden raft away from city noise while being surrounded by unusual nature. We observe changing landscape and absorb a specific climate – doesn’t it sound wonderful? During the trip, we calm down, relax, there are no duties, worries, and gray reality. We are interested in fabulous scenery and curious to see as much detail as possible. It is not difficult to relax in such circumstances. Traditional rafting on the Dunajec river in Zakopane is an excellent idea for anyone who feels that he is overwhelmed by everyday life. Anyone tired and looking for a way to catch positive energy and good humor.

The raft is an original kind of transport, and it is worth seeing how the environment looks from its perspective. The trip will be an exciting opportunity to take many photos. These pictures will allow us to return in our memories to magical places that we once were.

The Dunajec River Gorge – beautiful and mysterious

The Dunajec gorge is one of the most phenomenal river gorges in Europe. Violent curves, limestone rocks several hundred meters high, magical views – it’s worth seeing it all personally. The impressions it gives are incredible. The Dunajec gorge hides not only charm but also a secret because, to this day, it is unknown how it came to be. One of the legends is that King Boleslaw the Brave chopped the mouth of the Dunajec with a sword. It is a place that is both amazingly interesting, beautiful, and mysterious.

Traditional Rafting on the Dunajec River – where does it start?

During this journey, you can count on additional attractions. Usually, in the morning, we pick up our clients from a place of accommodation, and we go to Niedzica. There, we visit the castle and walk around the dam. Only later do we go to the harbor – Sromowce Katy, where we get on the raft and sail several kilometers to Szczawnica. We also have free time in this health resort. It is essential because the place is worth paying some attention to it. In the afternoon, we return to the point from which we started the trip.

Planning a vacation in Zakopane is not a difficult task, especially since we have so many attractions at our disposal. Consider attractions that allow being close to nature and relax away from the bustle of the city. Rafting on the Dunajec river is one of these attractions.

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